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Rules Modifications for 2020-21 Basketball Season | GHSA.net

Click here to view the special COVID-19 rules modifications for the 2020-21 GHSA basketball season. (Revised 11/20/20) (Revised 11/20/20) 151 South Bethel Street Thomaston, Georgia 30286 706-647-7473 Fax: 706-647-2638 ghsa@ghsa.net


• An intentional foul is a personal or technical foul that may or may not be premeditated and is not based solely on the severity of the act. It is contact that: • Neutralizes an opponent’s obvious advantageous position. • Contact on an opponent who is clearly not in the play. • May be excessive contact while “playing the ball”.

2019-20 GHSA Basketball Study Guide

34. An unsporting foul on an assistant coach is an indirect foul on the head coach and counts as one foul toward the team total for the half. (RB 4-19-13) 35. After the initial guarding position is obtained the guard may raise or jump within his/her own vertical plane. (RB 4-23-3) 36. Excessive swinging of the elbows is a technical foul. (RB 4-24-8) 37.

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Earliest Date for Basketball Practice: 11/12: Earliest Date for Basketball Game: 2/19: Complete Region Basketball: 2/19: Report Region Basketball Winners to GHSA: 2/22 to 2/23: State Basketball Tournament - First Round: 2/25 to 2/26: State Basketball Tournament - Second Round: 3/1 to 3/2: State Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinal Round: 3/4 to 3/5

1. 2. 3. The free throw lane is 14 feet wide. RB P ... - GHSA.net

A2 commits a common foul in the nearer free throw semi circle. The throw in is to be designated. RB P.53 66. A player to make the throw in shall not leave the spot if the throw in is designated. RB P.53 67. After a double personal foul play shall resume with the AP throw-in. RB P.52 68.

High School Boys Rules and Regulations

The following Rule from GHSA will be enforced as necessary: The referee shall forfeit the game if a team refuses to play after being instructed to do so by any official. The referee may also forfeit a game if any player, team member, bench personnel or coach fails to comply with any technical-foul penalty, or repeatedly commits technical-foul” infractions or other acts which make a travesty of the game.


RULE 9-1-3h NEW FREE-THROW PROVISIONS Players occupying marked free-throw lane line spaces may not enter the free-throw semicircle until the ball touches the ring or until the free throw ends. Rationale: The addition of this information makes the rule complete and easy to understand. This rule adds protection for the shooter. www.nfhs.or

GHSA Constitution and By-Laws for 2021-2022 | GHSA.net

GHSA Constitution and By-Laws 2021-2022 (revised 10/6/21) Constitutions and Results from past years may be found by clicking this link . 151 South Bethel Street Thomaston, Georgia 30286 706-647-7473 Fax: 706-647-2638 ghsa@ghsa.net

The 25 MOST Misunderstood Rules In High School Basketball

16. A “moving screen” is not a foul unless there is contact. If contact occurs, it is a blocking foul. 17. Any contact foul during a live ball must be ruled a personal foul. 18. Any unsportsmanlike contact during a dead ball must be ruled a technical foul. 19. Basketball is not a non‐contact sport. Incidental contact often does occur and contact which