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walking with the ball and not dribbling. rebound. ball bounces off the backboard or basket, player grabs the ball. three seconds. number of seconds the offense can be in the lane. lay up. easy shot close to the basket. five seconds.

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Basketball Unit Test (Please circle the correct answer) 1. Which is not a cue to dribbling? Which is not a cue to dribbling? A) use the finger pads B) dribble waist high or lower C) keep your eyes on the ball D) use a guard arm 2.

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What area is called the "key"? Answer: The 6-foot semi-circle used for free throws; 6. How high from the ground is the ring of the basket? Answer: 10 feet; 7. How many players does a basketball team consist of and how many can play at a time? Answer: 10, 5; 8.

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Basketball Unit Test 1.) Who invented basketball? a. Dr.Shorts b. Michael Jordan c. James Naismith 2.) How many players are on the court for one team? a. 5 b. 4 c. 7 3.) Dribbling with two hands is what violation? a. walk b. double dribble c. foul 4.) A field goal is worth? a. 1 point b. 2 points c. 3 points 5.)

Basketball Unit Test Flashcards | Quizlet

Feet hip width apart, knees bent, shooting arm at 90 degrees with elbow above the knee, a space between palm and the ball, supporting hand is at the side of the ball (thumb in T formation). Important to have backspin and body in line with basket. Arm position high and flick with wrist.


BASKETBALL UNIT EXAM MATCHING 1.Double Dribble ___ I ___ 2.Foul___ H ___ 3.Bounce Pass_____ B _____ 4.Free-Throw ____ D ______ 5.Chest Pass____ F ______ 6. Dribbling___ G ____ 7.Travel___ C ____ 8.Shooting ___ E ___ 9.Lay-Up_____ A _____ 10.Jump Ball _____ J _____ A. Plant/jump off the inside foot, outside arm and knee go up together and use the backboard.

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Basketball Skills Assessment Tests (BSAT) Dribbling SET-UP An area of the basketball court (preferably along a sideline or down the center line) 6 cones Floor tape 4 basketballs: One that the athlete is provided initially, two others that are for back-up in case the basketball bounces away, and one more to continue the test. TEST

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1. _____ Basketball was designed for? A. The N.B.A. B. Fitness reasons C. To make use of peach baskets. D. Just for fun. 2. _____ The person who invented basketball was? A. A retired basketball player. B. A physical educator C. A surgeon. D. An elementary school gym teacher. 3. _____ How many players are on the court for one team? A. 5. B. 4. C ...

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• Assign 2 teams of 3 to each quarter of the basketball court. • One point for every 3 consecutive passes is awarded. • After 3 consecutive passes, the basketball is placed on the ground for the opposing team to begin. • If a pass is incomplete, the basketball goes to the other team. • Principle of 3's is in effect: